Welcome to Dollmenders

Dollmenders has been providing professional doll restoration since 1994. Hundreds of satisfied customers have entrusted us with the task of repairing their treasured dolls. Through dolls, many wonderful people have come into our lives. We try to encourage and inform those who are interested in dolls, which is just as important to us as the repair.


Our expertise includes repair and restoration of antique and modern dolls, including bisque, composition, plastic, vinyl, wood and papier-mâché. Some of our services include eye repair, tooth replacement, hair styling or re-wigging, cleaning or parts replacement. We have a huge inventory of doll parts, if the doll's original part is missing or so badly damaged it cannot be repaired.

Please note: Unfortunately, we do not repair cloth dolls, stuffed animals or mechanical dolls.


We are proud members and past officers of both the National Doll Doctor's Association and the DDA, Illinois Chapter.

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